Are Attorneys Above The Law
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Are Attorneys Above The Law

Are Attorneys Above The Law

No, attorneys are not above the law. Like any other individuals, attorneys are bound by the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which they practice. They have a professional and ethical responsibility to uphold the law and adhere to the rules of professional conduct.

In fact, attorneys are often held to higher standards of conduct because they have a duty to advocate for their clients while maintaining the integrity of the legal system. They must follow ethical guidelines, maintain client confidentiality, avoid conflicts of interest, and act in the best interests of their clients within the boundaries of the law.

While attorneys have specialized knowledge and expertise in legal matters, they are still subject to the same legal system and can be held accountable if they violate the law or engage in unethical conduct. Disciplinary actions, such as reprimands, fines, suspension, or disbarment, can be imposed on attorneys who fail to meet their professional obligations.

It's important to note that attorneys play a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and ensuring access to justice. Their expertise and advocacy contribute to a fair and functioning legal system, but they are not exempt from the laws they are sworn to uphold.

These lawyers will use questionable behavior to achieve questionable results, which affect all of you directly.

\"Quis Custodes Ipsos Custodiet", from the poet Juvénal, meaning "He himself will take care of the custodians", is an old Latin phrase that sums up this situation perfectly - It fits well in these conditions, because if necessary. we can't trust our guards to really protect us, what can we do? Who punishes lawyers when they break the law?


The numbers are scary 


Although you may think that lawyers who break the law are in the minority, the number of incidents that come to the public is increasing. Some of the most recent examples of this are: 


o In 2001, a total of eleven lawyers in Tennessee are still practicing law, although there is a list of charges against them, including bank fraud, perjury, and even one lawyer was arrested for and his failure to give evidence, which made him innocent. This man will be sentenced to four years in prison for rape.


This year in Warren, Ohio, a lawyer was charged with fraud, including defrauding an elderly woman out of more than $80,000. 


o Also this year, two Boise, Idaho attorneys were convicted of a shocking financial transaction involving the purchase of a University Place building. 


Despite these findings and criminals admitting their criminal behavior, they are still allowed to work and practice law. Why is this, and what can you do about it if it affects you?


Disruption of research 


As a child grows up, if he does something wrong, we as parents will punish him - that's how we all learn right from wrong. It is the same in our adult life-we all know that if we break the law, we will be punished. Depending on what we did wrong or charged, the punishment can vary - from a government warning for a minor incident, to losing a driver's license for a traffic violation, to spending time in jail for corruption or worse. It is even when people are in prison when they are innocent.


However, the same legal system does not apply to lawyers. When they do something illegal, it usually doesn't seem to affect their work too much, because they are still allowed to practice the law. Still, if they were punished more severely, you can bet your bottom dollar it wouldn't be as bad as how we would be treated for the same crime. The reason for this is something that lawyers like to shy away from, that is an investigation, a good plan to reprimand someone in public without doing anything that works. Of course, when you hear that a lawyer has been "publicly criticized," it may sound good on paper, but in reality, it is anything but. The only thing that happens is that a public servant, or if a famous person receives a warning, it is like he was slapped on the hand and told not to be so bad. It is not exactly inductive for people to change their behavior. However, that is not the only issue here.


Old School Links 


When a law is broken, if it is brought to court, it is usually the lawyers who will ensure that the judge approves the appropriate type of sentence. However, if it is a lawyer who is prosecuting (although in person it may be difficult to obtain, due to the investigation process), you may find that an old friend or employee a page from the department of jurisdiction will judge him.


As if that were not enough, you will find that the lawyer may be a friend of the judge, which does not guarantee a fair trial but it is with impunity. It is this kind of "all for one, one for all" attitude that has seen public confidence in lawyers fall to an all-time low, which is especially embarrassing for good lawyers. do their job well and make sure people are there. important people - their customers.


If a lawyer has wronged you, there are ways to bring them to justice, not just letting them go through the tough process of investigation and favoritism from friends to get them off the hook. hook.

Take the law into your own hands 


One way you can see a criminal lawyer brought to justice is through the state board of attorneys who are supposed to be responsible for the attorney's license to practice in a particular state or county. Unfortunately, this can be expensive and often a long process, not always successful, because the lawyer can plead and usually the accused the body does not know and cannot speak against them again. While the appeal is pending, they are allowed to continue practicing law... ergo the lawyer is out of it.


Another option you may consider is using another attorney, which may seem counterintuitive since you are filing a complaint against another attorney. However, as with any job and profession, there are specialized lawyers who would like nothing better than to successfully prosecute and prosecute someone who has damaged their business and reputation in a bad way.


If you don't know where to start, there is usually a solicitor's office in your area or you can go online and do a search using Google, Yahoo or MSN where you will find a list of real estate listings. jobs in your country will be more. ready to take this type of file. Another option is to go regional and national. People don't want to think that those who want to protect our rights are committing crimes, and they love it even more when it's a lawyer who uses the law to make their own way of life better. For this reason, you will tell all your stories and dates with the press, who will like to sue the lawyers who violate your law.

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